Sid Meier’s Civilization V


Returning to its award-winning formula, Firaxis’ latest revision of the turn-based strategy game streamlines a few aspects and adds new features to an already loaded package.


Beautiful graphics and an updated interface: With each new installment, the Civilization series proves that it stands the test of time — with a few tweaks, of course. This time Civilization V ditches the cartoony aesthetic of Civilization IV for a more realistic feel. The new title also supports touch control for Windows 8 users on touch devices.

Just one more turn: Gamers can prepare to sink endless hours leading their civilization to victory with multiple ways to win, customizable worlds, and even an online multiplayer mode. Rule by force or diplomacy, or win the space race and leave Earth behind — the choice is yours. With the option to extend the game after winning conditions have been met, you can literally play forever.

Streamlined styles: Civilization V took away most of the micromanagement that Civilization IV was infamous for. City characteristics like approval and happiness are now civilization-wide. Diplomacy options with other civilizations have also been reduced to a more basic form. The new city-states are a welcome feature; think of them as mini-civilizations.


Encourages specific playing styles: Civilization V makes force the preferred means to victory. So it’s easy to find yourself constantly at war with other civilizations.

Macro over micro: Whereas you can control almost every aspect of individual cities in the previous game, the fifth installment dumbed it down by having you maintain everything at a national level. This is great if you’re an entry-level player, but veterans may find the lack of freedom restricting.

Bottom Line

Despite Firaxis’ chosen direction for this update to a classic franchise, Civilization V is still one of the best strategy games out there. Offering addictive gameplay that you just won’t find anywhere else, Civilization V is much kinder to new players, while old fans can expect the same familiar fun behind an updated interface.